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Name:Mystic Hills - A Private Teen Wolf/The Vampire Dia
Posting Access:All Members
Graduation has come and gone, and the gang is still alive to face the next great threat in their lives...


Enter Cal State Beacon Hills, where the fearsome foursome of Allison Argent, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, and pack alpha Scott McCall are ready to start their first year of college an hour outside of Beacon Hills. With the supernatural element running amok in their small town, it's going to be difficult to balance school and pack business...

...especially when a small contingent from the equally strange Mystic Falls heads for California to get a fresh start...

Stiles Stilinski ([personal profile] im_your_yoda) - Major: Criminal Justice, Minor: Occult Studies
Scott McCall ([personal profile] probablygonnakillsomeone) - Pre-Med, Minor: Veterinary Medicine
Allison Argent ([personal profile] nosuchthingasfate) - Major: Business, Minor: Criminal Justice
Lydia Martin ([profile] wantsadistraction) - Major: Mathematics
Elena Gilbert ([profile] thereal_savior) - Major: Undetermined
Caroline Forbes ([personal profile] icantakeyou) - Major: Undetermined
Matt Donovan ([personal profile] itsadate) - Major: Undetermined


Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] myherohair) - Sociology
Elijah Mikaelson ([personal profile] asiwillcarrymyregret) - Occult Studies / Archaeology
Jenna Sommers (lj user=ihavenosecrets>) - Psychology
Alaric Saltzman (lj user=vampirehunter-bynight>) - American Military History / Occult Studies
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